This is a brand name of the high speed Internet access service offered by Communication Trends Nigeria Ltd. via wireless transmissions.

With supernet300 service, Internet users will have the opportunity of having access to the Internet at speeds far greater than the speed of the telephone line, which has so far been the traditional access method. This will be relief to users of critical Internet applications like FTP, Video Conferencing, World Wide Web(www).

Up till now, most Internet service providers restrict themselves to providing access relying soley on the telephone lines which as we all know can be unreliable. With Aupernet300, we offer a dynamic alternative to such old fashioned methods.

Supernet300 is the first service of this kind to be offered in Africa using wireless microwave technology, which is a similar technology to Cellular Telephones.

Our system features state of the art head end equipment installed and tested by one of the largest transmitter manufacturers in the world.


With our cable modems, you will have up to 1.54mbps download capabilities (300 times faster than phone connection). You will not have to rely on the telephone line to provide this capability.

Using multi user modems, we will be able to offer access for up to 20 users at a time at a single location such as, an office, classroom or apartment complex. Our system offers trouble free access and no busy signals. Our system is more cost effective when you consider that a file or page that is down loaded can be done in minutes instead of hours and this will be reflected by lower telephone bills.

The analogue nature of some phone lines causes problems with electromagnetic interference and this can be avoided the by use of wireless transmission which can be especially useful when using TCP/IP protocols. Because these wireless transmissions have a 50km radius, we are able to bring access to areas not serviced by telephone companies.


  • A computer of 486 or higher.
  • 8MB Ram (16 Recommended)
  • 45MB Free hard disk space.
  • A two-way client cable modem.
  • A cable antenna.
  • A network interface card(Ethernet)
  • A Transceiver