The system presently used by CTL for its satellite television broadcasting services is based on that offered by the Comwave division of the Thomcast communication Inc. of the USA who are the world wide market leader for analog digital and two-way voice data applications and a pioneer of broadband MMDS transmission technology and systems. The basic aim intended from the satellite broadcasting outreach is centred on the use of a cost - effective and unique cable television technology to boost the process of informing Nigerians about global events. The effectiveness and efficiency provided through CTL's satellite broadcasting service is hinged on the role of its highly revolutionary and innovative multicipher decoder.

CTL operates the highly effective multicipher decoding system, which enables subscribers to have access to multiple TV programmes simultaneously with only one decoder. Again, CTL was the first company in Africa to invest in this state of the art technology which has proved effective in the Nigerian market.

CTL provides local program to which the local people within its operative catchment area can relate. One of such programs is the "Upstream news" - which gives weekly updates on the various activities within the Nigerian Petroleum Sector.

CTL intends to go into radio broadcasting very soon to complement its resolve to inform, educate, and enlighten and especially those within remote localities about national and global events.

This facility will be set up at our office locations to allow customers who wish to access the Internet at a reasonable cost but do not have the means of setting up a personal Internet system. You will have a friendly environment in which to meet people and learn more about what the Internet has to offer and also build your confidence and ability with this new technology.

Customers will be provided with an I.D. card that is tenable at any of the Cybercafe locations throughout the country.

SUPERNET 300 will offer the latest programming authoring tools such as DHTML and Java script. We will offer site development including 'E' Commerce through our team of Web Masters who will effectively promote our customers' products throughout the world.

Please call our Sales and Marketing department for additional information concerning this service.

SUPERNET 300 will offer space on our state of the art file servers for customers to host their own site and we will maintain a strict security of these servers to ensure the integrity of your site.

Most businesses using the Internet and wishing to have an identity there will require their own domain name i.e., e.g SUPERNET 300 will assist all their customers to register their own personal domain name. This domain name can become part of your E-mail address e.g [email protected] and this will allow contact throughout the world.

Currently the world spends approx. $11 billion on E-commerce and by the year 2001, this will increase to approx. $45 billion. Developing countries will be poised to take advantage of this huge potential as their own infrastructure and expertise develops. Supernet300 will assist those customers wishing to host their own store on our site.